@2019 GirlCountYourBlessings

4 things i'm grateful for

  1. Stepping out on my dream toward becoming a published author. It’s easy to write from my heart. but I’m always biting my nails when my book is in someone’s hands. Then I hear a whisper...it’s not about you. Then I relax and let God take the wheel.

  2. My sisters Candice & Danielle. I tell my daughters they have the best aunties in the world. They are truly my village and I adore them to pieces!!!
  3. My additional sisterhood. The Love and support my pageant sisters have for each other is amazing.  NO Sister Left Behind is not just something to say. They truly pull their resources together to help each other.
  4. Embracing New Experiences. I used to hesitate when it came to stepping out of my comfort zone. But God has showed me that wherever I step, he is right there to lead and direct me. Whether I hit or miss...it’s going to be ok. I will recover. I am resilient.